430 Marion Street Industrial Precinct

Earthworks are underway at the 430 Marion Street Industrial Precinct situated on the corner of Marion Street and Birch Street.

The new industrial precinct will comprise of five warehouses, and associated hardstand areas, car parking and landscaping.

Leading industrial architects SBA Architects have prepared the designs for the industrial precinct. Award winning construction group Taylor Australia will deliver the works.

The 430 Marion Street Industrial Precinct works are in line with our vision to create a destination that inspires connection, commerce, and community.

Project Details

The 430 Marion Street Industrial Precinct works will be completed in stages, the first stage involving initial earth works at the site. The works, when completed, will deliver:

  • An industrial precinct of 3.8 hectares featuring 5 warehouses, ranging in size from 535 sqm up to 3,800 sqm;
  • Over 200 new carparks;
  • Significant landscaping upgrades along Marion Street and the corner of Marion Street and Birch Street;
  • Wayfinding and street lighting upgrades around the industrial precinct;
  • Environmental initiatives to promote a healthy, inspiring and sustainable space for all.

Environmental Initiatives


As part of the 430 Marion Street works some trees and shrubs have been removed. While the site initially may look bare these trees and shrubs will be replaced as part of the landscaping plan. The landscaping plan will mean

  • 134 trees removed, 131 trees planted
  • 67 shrubs removed, 4030 shrubs planted
  • Planting of an additional 5143 grounds covers and 3 climbing plants

At the time of planting, the new trees will be a height of 2 to 3 metres and anticipated to grow quickly once in the ground.

Careful consideration was undertaken for the assessment of existing trees and shrubs. All existing trees and shrubs were determined to have been introduced through planting, with no trees and shrubs being remnant specimens. The existing trees also presented impediments to new storm water improvements or were determined to be a high risk for instability.

SMA is also planting trees at Deverall Park as part of bush regeneration activities.


430 Marion Street presents a progressive workplace that benefits from environmental initiatives to promote a healthy, inspiring and sustainable space for all. In line with SMA’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, the precinct has been designed to produce a positive impact on the community and environment it serves.

The industrial precinct will benefit from the expansion of the Bankstown Airport Renewable Energy Precinct and the initial construction of a $5.9 million, 2.9MW rooftop solar program. The investment will provide cheaper energy costs and deliver environmental benefits to tenants. Capacity exists to further expand the solar power generation in the future.



Earthworks Commencement: March 2022
Target Completion: November 2022


Sam Salteri, Development Manager
Email: sam.salteri@altisproperty.com.au