Aviation Forms


Aviation Forms

Airport users who wish to drive airside or operate vehicles and equipment on airside operating areas, taxiways and aprons will require an Authority to Use Airside (AUA), and an Airside Driving Authority (ADA) license. This is applicable at both Bankstown and Camden Airports.

It is a regulatory requirement that people have the appropriate authority to access airside.

To apply for an airside licence and admittance you must provide a legitimate reason to access airside areas. At the time of application will be required to produce your state drivers licence for a BAL representative to sight.

The vehicle you wish to drive airside must also be registered for airside use by applying for an Airside Authority for Use (AUA). Vehicles will require full comprehensive insurance, with a cover of 20 million dollars, be road worthy by providing a copy of your state registration or an airside vehicle inspection certificate.

You are also required to complete the airside vehicle indemnity form.

You may send through your applications to aviation@SMAirports.com.au.

Airside Authority for Use (AUA) and Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) Charges (including GST):

Authority to Use Airside (AUA) – (per vehicle up to 2 tonnes) $113.30 Per tonne for vehicles over 2 tonnes $72.10 pro rata.

This is a 2 year permit only.

Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)


  • Category 2 – 1 year $51.50
  • Category 2 – 3 years $154.50
  • Category 2 – 5 years $257.50
  • Category 3 – 1 year $72.10
  • Category 3 – 3 years $216.30
  • Category 3 – 5 years $360.10

Access Gate Key Charges

  • $82.40 (inc GST) application fee
  • $52.40 administration charge, payable at the time of lodging the application
  • Re-issue of lost key $100 (includes replacement locks)

Gate Key Application


Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

  • Category 1- 1 year $45
  • Category 1- 3 year $105
  • Category 1- 5 year $165
Airside Vehicle Control Handbook
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ADA Application form Bankstown
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Gate Key application form Bankstown
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