Community Aviation Consultation Groups

Community Aviation Consultation Group

Camden Seeks New Members for Community Group

Camden Airport Limited is inviting interested members of the community to apply for selection as a community representative to join the Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group.

The role of the Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group is to enable all stakeholders to be consulted and involved in issues relating to the development and operation of Camden Airport in a constructive and effective manner.

The Group meets upto three times a year and is chaired by a skilled Chairperson and its composition includes senior representatives of the Airport management, Airport users, local businesses, local Council and Mayor as well as advisors from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Airservices Australia.

The Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group members serve in a voluntary capacity to assist in identifying and prioritising issues of interest to both the Airport and the community. The task is not onerous and involves attending up to three meetings per year of 1-2 hours duration plus a few hours of reading documents tabled at meetings.

The Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group seeks to:

  • Identify local issues to be considered during the airport development process.
  • Assist in resolving and prioritising issues based on local knowledge.
  • Present the views of the broader community.
  • Comment on drafts of development plans.
  • Brief the community on the development and operation of the Airport.
  • Table at meetings the views of community-based organisations and the broader community.

Interested people are encouraged to review the current 2020 Camden Airport Master Plan, including the Camden Airport Environment Strategy 2015 and the Community Aviation Consultation Group Guidelines.

Application forms are available to download from our website or by telephoning 02 8709 9400.