Community Commitment

Our Commitment to Our Community

The Sydney Metro Airports Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) is an independent committee established to provide a forum for community engagement on airport planning and operations.

The committee meets quarterly and is comprised of peak community organisations, aviation, business and government representatives. These briefings provide insights regarding aircraft noise management, flight paths, noise abatement procedures and safety measures, where applicable and all other activities on the site/s.

Community Aviation Consultation Groups

Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group


Fly Neighbourly

As part of our Airport Environment Strategy, Sydney Metro Airports undertook to develop and implement noise mitigation strategies to assist in the reduction of the noise footprint in and around both Bankstown and Camden Airports.

A key component of our airport strategies is our Fly Neighbourly program. This program is aimed to educate pilots and aviation associated businesses to consider the noise impact they may generate on the local community, and how best to minimise these noise related issues.

After consultation with our local aviators we have developed the Fly Neighbourly program, which is both meaningful and practicable for pilots.

Bankstown Airport Fly Neighbourly Program

Camden Airport Fly Neighbourly Program