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Our Responsibility

Our responsibility is for the operation of Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown and Camden and the safety of all airport users.

We make every endeavour to accommodate the media with their requests for photographs and to obtain footage for news and current affairs programming.

To assist our daily operations for all our airport users and tenants we ask the media to observe the following points when visiting the Airport for the purposes of obtaining photographs or footage:

  • Bankstown Airport Limited requires prior notice (24 hours would be great) of any camera crew accessing Airport facilities. We understand that ‘breaking news’ does not always allow for a lot of warning, however, to avoid security breaches the Airport still requires as much notice as possible.
  • Please call or email our Filming and Events Manager to discuss your requested filming and events requirements on telephone 02 8709 9400 or email.

Filming, Photography & Events Request

If you’d like to conduct filming or photography at Bankstown or Camden Airports, and or run an event, you’ll need to seek approval to do so in advance of your visit. This will help us facilitate your request, while ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the airport.

If you’d like to make an application for filming at either Bankstown or Camden Airport, e-mail your Application form to Rhiannon Wilson, or call  on 02 8709 9400. The following information may also be of interest to you:



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