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We are committed to best practice environmental management at our airports and that includes helping operators on our airports to understand what this involves.

We’ve developed a range of resources that provide background on a variety of environmental issues as well as practical advice on the actions that can be taken to best manage these.

Our Environment Management Handbook will help operators understand the nature of their environmental obligations and provide them with information of a general nature that may assist them to meet those obligations.

The Climate Change Handbook identifies some practical actions operators can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environmental Information series provides more detailed information on a range of topics including environment audits, importation of materials onto airport, spray painting, trade waste, spill response, dangerous goods and hazardous waste and aircraft washing. The Sheets identify what the issue is with each of these activities, what the law says on the matter and what this means as well as providing information on how an operator can best meet their environmental obligations in relation to the matter.

Environment Information at present these are:

We will update these resources and continue to develop additional resources as the need arises.