Master Planning


In accordance with Section 86 of the Airports Act 1996, Bankstown Airport Limited advises that the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development approved the Bankstown Airport Master Plan 2019 (MP) on 07 November 2019. Master Plan 2019 replaces the previous 2014 Master Plan.

Master Plan 2019 outlines the strategic direction for Bankstown Airport’s development over the next 20 years, including a number of future key developments aimed at growing aviation opportunities, and creating jobs and economic value for the Canterbury-Bankstown region.

Master Plan 2019 documents can be downloaded below:

Bankstown Airport Master Plan 2019


The Commonwealth Government approved the Camden Airport 2015 Master Plan on 18 December 2015. This 2015 Master Plan replaces the previous 2010 Master Plan.

The 2015 Master Plan (2015 MP) outlines the strategic direction for Camden Airport’s development over the next 20 years and details Camden Airport Limited’s aviation development concept and non-aviation development concept. The 2015 MP also addresses key issues such as road traffic, infrastructure, environmental management and heritage protection and provides a five year implementation plan.

For the first time, the 2015 MP also integrates/incorporates:

  • a five year ground transport plan for the Airport;
  • a socio economic impact assessment of the Master Plan;
  • a new Airport Environment Strategy which presents CAL’s objectives for and approach to management of the environment of the Airport; and
  • an implementation plan for the first five years of the Master Plan.

Foreword, Contents & Executive Summary

  • Introduction
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Master Plan Content
  • Aviation Context
  • Aviation Development Plan
  • Non-Aviation Development Concept
  • Ground Transport Plan
  • Socio-economic Role of Camden Airport
  • Environmental Management
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Implementation


Appendix A – Compliance with Airports Act 1996, Regulations and Airport Development Consultation Guidelines

Appendix B – Airport Environment Strategy

Appendix C – Consultation Activities Undertaken for the PDMP and consultation materials

Appendix D – Airspace Protection

Appendix E – Noise Modelling Methodology

Appendix F – Regional & Local Planning Considerations

Appendix G – Land Use Definitions

Appendix H – Abbreviations & Glossary

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